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O'Hare Clinical Lab Services

We know that your number one concern is the safety of your employees and residents. So we, at O’Hare Clinical Lab, are here to serve your priority. We are a licensed laboratory registered with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

Safeguarding the health of everyone during these times is of utmost importance: whether it be of your employees at work, residents at nursing homes, or children at day care centers.

All necessary precautions are to be taken accordingly to prevent communal spread of the virus. Keeping your best interests of creating and maintaining a safe environment in mind, O’Hare Clinical Lab is now offering onsite COVID-19 testing service at your own location.

O’Hare Clinical Lab Service was initiated in 2006 as OCL Labs, Inc. to provide health care services such as visiting MD, RN, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, HHA, CNA, etc for home-bound patients.

O’Hare Clinical Lab is a distinctive organization that applies the highest level of service for its clients in all areas of laboratory service to Nursing Homes, Physician Offices and Home Bound Patients. We offer a broad spectrum of clinical laboratory testing, all designed to provide physicians and their patients with the most accurate and diagnostically meaningful results.

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